This report is to provide “LIFE EXPECTANCY and CONDITION” of roof Specialized Home Inspections, LLC verify roof permit dates and do a visual inspection of the roof either by DRONE or by ground or ladder.

The insurance underwriter requires roofs have more than 5 year life remaining to be insurance and if the policy is being written through Citizens Underwriting the roof must have no less than 3 years life remaining with no damages or leaks.

What Specialized Home Inspections, llc offers:

  • Photos must accompany each Roof Inspection Form. The minimum photo requirements include: • Roof: Each slope • All hazards or deficiencies Documenting the Condition of Each System

  • The Florida-licensed inspector is required to certify the condition of the roofing system. Acceptable Condition means that each system is working as intended and there are no visible hazards or deficiencies. Additional Comments or Observations. This section of the Roof Inspection Form must be completed with full details/descriptions if any of the following are noted on the inspection:

  • Interior: All rooms get a full detail of photographs to reflect over all condition of each room. From flooring to the door hardware we cover the entire room top to bottom. This includes the garage bd useable property items.
  • Updates: Identify the types of updates, dates completed and by whom
  • Any visible hazards or deficiencies • Any roof determined not to be in good working order